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Introducing Tina Scott by Mark Wagoner, Chairman, Lucas County Republican Party

I would like to thank you for stopping by our web site to learn more about Tina Scott, the campaign for the Committee to Elect Tina Scott, and what we’re sure will be a winning campaign for the District One race for Toledo City Council.

When I was elected party chairman in 2018, the members of the Lucas County Republican Party vowed to help find quality candidates to run for elected office. We wanted to find new people to help lead our municipal and county offices. 

With Tina Scott’s campaign for Toledo City Council – District One took a significant step in meeting those goals. 

Tina has lived in the Toledo area all her life. She graduated from Clay High School in 19-81. She’s a wife, a mom, and a grandmother.

For the past ten years Tina worked as an inventory control specialist where she helped control costs, monitored the accuracy of product ordering, and followed up on the quality of the service provided.  These are qualities that are sorely needed on city council.

But Tina will bring so much more to Toledo City Council.

A pivotal moment in Tina’s life happened some twenty years ago she became a victim of violent crime. It was an experience that changed her life. Rather than retreat, she grew to become a block watch leader for the City of Toledo. She served in that capacity from 2000 until 20-16.Tina served as a Toledo Neighborhood block watch board member in 2006 and 2007.  She was an event coordinator and handled public relations duties for block watch in 2015.

Tina Scott has paid her dues for the opportunity to serve on Toledo City Council  --- Just look at her community involvement. She created the U.N.I.T.Y. (Unite Now in Toledo Youth) program and founded the West Toledo Neighborhood Association in 2017. Arguably her single biggest accomplishment --- Tina organized the Community Peace Day to counter a Neo Nazi Rally on April 16, 2015. Tina was the chairwoman for the Fireman Freddy Parade from 2014 until 2017. Tina served on the boards of the Eleanor Kahle Senior Center and the Five Points Association.

Late Toledo Mayor Mike Collins thought highly enough of Tina to make her part of his Transition team. She worked with the Neighborhoods, Safety, and Community Relations committee…

Tina also volunteered at Woodlawn Cemetery. Besides opening and closing the cemetery and helping to keep it clean, she would also help plant American flags at the graves of veterans around Memorial Day Holiday.

The campaign slogan for Tina Scott is Committed Community Leadership. That is an accurate description of Tina Scott. It is an accurate description of what we need on Toledo City Council and it is an accurate description of what we can expect from her when elected.

Tina will tell you that one of the reasons she’s running is its part of a journey --- A journey that will take her community leadership to the next level.

She has an established record of making our community a better place. She’s shown decades of commitment to Toledo and the ability to work with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. And above all that, Tina has had success with the countless organizations she’s been involved with. She would make an outstanding addition to Toledo City Council.

We are asking you to recognize that fact and help her campaign as a volunteer or if possible a campaign contribution. And if you live in District One, vote for her. I would like to thank you in advance for that support.

Mrs. Tina Scott, Candidate, Toledo City Council - District One

Mrs. Tina Scott, Candidate, Toledo City Council - District One