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Tina Scott - Op Ed

 EDITOR’S NOTE: The Blade Editorial Board invited candidates running  in the Toledo City Council primary elections to submit essays telling us  why they should be elected. This series continues with candidates for  District 1, after previous entries from candidates for District 3 and District 4. Early voting concludes on Sept. 10. 


Victim of a crime is a tremendous motivator

By Tina Scott

Published - August 15, 2019


When someone asks me why run for Toledo City Council, the answer is  simple. It’s also what motivated me to become a community Block Watch  leader for more than 15 years. I was the victim of a violent crime.

I lived in Toledo since 1990, and 20 years ago I was robbed at  gunpoint in my own driveway. It was a crime where the perp, who is still  at large, put a gun to my head, my ribs, and my hands, all the while  threatening to pull the trigger if I didn’t give him the rings on my  fingers. I feared for my life. I relive this nightmare every day.

Despite this experience, I chose to stay in my West Toledo  neighborhood and take action. In addition to Block Watch, I served on  the boards of the Eleanor Kahle Senior Center and Five Points Business  Association. I founded the West Toledo Neighborhood Association where I  designed a program called U.N.I.T.Y. (Unite Now In Toledo Youth). I  organized a nonviolent Community Peace Day on April 16, 2015, to counter  a neo-Nazi protest downtown and prevent a repeat of the violent  confrontations Toledo witnessed in October, 2005.

I chaired the Fireman Freddy Parade from 2014 to 2017. I served on  late Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins’ transition team for the  Neighborhood, Safety, Community Relations Committee.

As Mayor Collins repeatedly told us, “we cannot have economic  development until we have safe neighborhoods.” To that end, my platform  is simple: Improve Block Watch and other neighborhood organizations to  use the latest technology available to reduce crime; better access to  city services; and address water issues both in terms of quality and  cost.

Through it all I am able to share my story and every day help someone  in the community — whether it is dealing with blight, neighborhood  problems, the opiate epidemic, or safety. Some city leaders and my  neighbors encouraged me to run for Toledo City Council, District 1. If  elected, I will not let them down. I will not let you down. Being the  victim of a violent crime can be a tremendous motivator.